Reefer containers have the same general dimensions as that of dry cargo containers of the same size. Special super-freeze reefers can keep goods frozen at temperatures as low as -60 degrees . However, other reefers can preserve goods at warmer temperatures if need be.

Containers Kenya offers a scope of Refrigerated containers, for general use, either as static stockpiling of chilled/solidified items, and units that are fit for freezing goods and assembling ice in huge volumes.

They include:

  • Ice Plants
  • Blast Freezers
  • Holding Freezers
  • Chillers
  • Combination Freezer/Chiller


Containers Kenya is the number one company in Kenya in the supply of containerized industrial Ice Plants, Blast Freezers and has been providing the African market with these items for a long time. Particularly produced for cruel working conditions in Africa, our Ice Plants, Blast Freezers are fundamentally strong offering least upkeep prerequisites, straightforward controls, uncomplicated installation and commissioning, and worked in assurance against electrical supply variances. As anyone might expect, Containers Kenya’s Ice Plants; Blast Freezers have picked up a notoriety for quality, dependability and execution.

In spite of the fact that we offer a standard scope of items, our specific refrigeration office can alter units to give you a powerful and profitable solution that meets your correct prerequisites.

We give various refrigeration container choices. The basic reefer has an interior refrigeration unit which requires an outer power source to perform its function. This power source is accessible on cargo ships and diesel generators, if the reefer should be transported overland. We additionally offer a cryogenic refrigerated container which solidifies the substance with carbon dioxide and fluid nitrogen.

Water cooling frameworks are additionally accessible and despite the fact that they are exceedingly viable they are exceptionally costly. Repetitive reefers contain a reinforcement refrigeration framework on the off chance that the essential framework fails to work. This type of reeferis best for temperature delicate payload.