We, at Containers World Kenya Limited, pride ourselves in converting containers into the best office units there can be. We have had orders from government offices, NGO’s, corporates, as well as individual businesses and our clientele keeps growing. Our Office units cannot be differentiated with common brick and mortar offices, with the added advantages of being cheaper and easier to acquire than the latter. They come with gypsum walling and ceilings to regulate temperatures, electric wiring, computer cabling, PVC/ceramic tiles, sliding glass windows and doors as well as provision for AC, solar panels installation all inclusive.

Regardless of whether you require extra office space on permanent or temporary basis, Containers Kenya has a scope of various sorts of site Offices accessible to suit your necessities. We offer customized office containers running from standard to official workplaces, with various options available.


Containers Kenya Multihouse containers are additionally accessible for rent or buy as an official office space, and has the additional favorable position of being completely adjustable with respect to the format that can be offered and used. The Multihouse offers a choice to have a littler office space for 1 or 2 individuals, open-plan choices for meeting rooms or open-plan office designs, or even whole twofold story office units for bigger even larger groups.


Our site office containers can be fitted with all the vital amenities which are essential for a completely working office. These incorporate racking and shelves, work areas, phone lines, floor coverings, air-conditioners and cooling systems and internet connections.


Site workplaces can likewise be set up with power, making it a completely working office, yet with the accommodation of being nearby for convenience. Office containers accelerate profitability as vital choices and gatherings can be made and led in that spot and afterward without driving back to organization HQ.


Setting up an office holder is a torment free process. In as matter of hours you can have a completely working office, on location at an exceptionally affordable cost. Container units are strong and sturdy, as well as they can be effectively moved. Thus, say you have to move site and you need to bring your office holder with you, no issue. Just move it to your new site, it’s as simple as that.


Site workplaces are essential if you want your build or project to run easily. They are moderate and can radically enhance profitability, operations and organisation.