Commercial containers value addition (partitioning and fabrication) is also our speciality. Most Businesses now opt for Temporary structures that are also secure and portable for convenience.

Containers Kenya offers stalls and shops at the most affordable prices. They provide excellent adaptability and high productivity and profitability  for the elaboration of individual designs for shops, bistros, stands for fast food and buyer merchandise, benefit work areas and other trading outlets.Each stall is secured with steel doors and walls for enhanced security.

The different measurements and various choices for design are made in accordance to the client’s specifications and requirements.

Standard dimensions are:

  • kiosk 300 x 500
  • kiosk 300 x 300
  • kiosk 270 x 300
  • kiosk 240 x 400
  • kiosk 240 x 300
  • kiosk 220 x 500
  • kiosk 200 x 400

The kiosk dimensions can be mordified  as per the client’s  specifications.