We at Containers Kenya realize the need for alternative ablution units that are cost effective, easy and fast to acquire as well as presentable and hygienic. We provide urinal ablution units, children units as well as normal adult units. Most of our ablution units are special needs conscious where one or two booths are set aside specifically to comfortably accommodate the disabled.

Containers Kenya offers a scope of modified ablutions containers, made to your meet specifications reflecting the most astounding measures of gear and workmanship required for this type of application. From combination male/female ablutions, ablutions units with changing room facilities, or bigger units to handle a whole camp. Containers Kenya has the capacity to supply any sort of ablution unit required for your necessities.


We also have the ability to supply Multi-house Ablution Units. As the greater part of these units are promptly accessible (in the standard design) they can be gathered and delivered to site in substantially less time than a changed over ones.


Our ablutions containers can either connect with a sewerage line, if there is one adjacent, if not so, the waste can be discarded synthetically. The considerable thing about these ablution units is that they can adapt to high measures of movement without trading off on hygiene.


They can be modified to your specification and can contain extra showers, basins and urinals according to your demand. Ablution compartments are the perfect answer for lavatory facilities at events. Regardless of whether it’s a few movies shoot, music celebration or a sporting event, these ¬†ablution blocks will guarantee that your visitors are comfortable. What’s more is that these offices can be effortlessly moved if required, making them both monetarily feasible and helpful.